Composition notebooks (2)    (NO SPIRAL Notebooks)                            
#2 pencils Sharpened (32)   
Glue Sticks (6)
Washable markers
One pair of Scissors
24-pack colored pencils and 24-pack crayons 
Two packs lg pink erasers
4 plastic folders w/pockets-Solid Colors/Bold Print/No Graphics (1 each: red, blue, green, yellow)
24-pack colored pencils and 24-pack crayons 
Book bags that will fit in the cubbies.  NO ROLLERS!
Two large boxes of tissues BOYS
Ziploc Baggies: 1 Gallon GIRLS
Notebook paper  (1 – Wide-ruled)
Expo Markers – Fine Point and chisel tip – 2 packs
One container of antibacterial wipes
One pack of baby wipes

Your teacher may request additional items at the start of the year.

Art:  All students should be dressed appropriately to paint on Art days. Students in grades 3-5 need one black sharpie (fine point) to donate to the art room for class.
PE:  All students should wear tennis shoes for running on PE days.  (No sandals, boots, or flip flops.) Kinders need a large white T-shirt to wear for enhancements over their regular shirts.  
Media:  Nothing required at this time.  
Music:  Recorders for 4th and 5th grade only (May be purchased online for $4.00).  
Technology: Every student K-5 need earbuds/headphones for the computer lab in a large ziploc bag. These do not need to be expensive.

LES 2nd Grade

  • Kits will include all items on list.


    Reminder that all kits will be shipped to students school, directly to his/her classroom prior to the beginning of school year and not to their home address.


    Parents will recieve confirmation of delivery with a welcome letter



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